Practice Problems And Homework For Various Topics.


Welcome to the homework page! Here you can find the current homework and past homework problems and solutions.

Do your practice!

We will be keeping track of who does and who doesn't do their practice. This will greatly influence our decisions for who to bring to programming competitions and who to put on the senior team for ACSL. Students who do their work are most likely much more motivated and prepared for these events.

(To the two geniuses who think they can breeze by without doing any practice: I was in your position 3 years ago. Figuring out how some topics really work during the contest itself isn't fun. Figure it out before you actually do any contests. -past captain Raymond)


Practice will usually consist of a few programming problems of relating to the topic. Read through and attempt all the problems to get an idea of what the problems are about. Submit your attempts at the problems, even if they don't work!

Solutions will be posted and discussed the week after; please ask questions via Discord, Remind, or email if you do not understand a problem, as we want to make sure you are as successful as you can be!

This Week's Homework

December 7 - Prefix, Infix, Postfix + Bit-String Flicking

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Past Homework

October 19 - What Does This Program Do?

October 12 - Recursive Functions

October 5 - Computer Number Systems

All solutions for past homework can be found here


A submission form will be included with each homework assignment. On this submission form, you will be submitting links to your submission for each problem.

We will check your code (or at least Canchen will).