NVHS Computing Team

Main Building D200 | Thursdays 2:30-3:30

public class ComputingTeam {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        School Neuqua = new School("NEUQUA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL");
        ArrayList<String> people = new ArrayList<>(neuqua.getPeople());

        // Find the cool people
        ArrayList<String> computingTeamMembers = people.stream()
            .filter(person -> person.likesCoding && person.likesComputers)
            .filter(person -> neuqua.getClass("AP Computer Science A").getPeople().contains(person))


        System.out.println("If you understood even " +
        "a tiny bit of this, you should consider " +
        "joining Computing Team! More details below.");

What is Computing Team?

At Computing Team, we do a variety of activities, mostly revolving around programming and computer science topics.

(To join the club, it is recommended that you either have taken or are taking AP Computer Science A, otherwise you may have trouble understanding the material.)

In our meetings, we cover many computer science topics, practice solving programming problems, and do fun programming competitions. Most of the activities we do are to practice and prepare for two major contests:

  • American Computer Science League (ACSL)
  • USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)

ACSL is a computer science competition that involves short answer and programming problems and a wide variety of computer science related short answer topics. Further details and resources for ACSL.

USACO is a multistage programming competition that progressively gets more difficult as you rank up. In USACO, you solve 3 highly difficult programming problems in a set amount of time. There are 4 levels at which people participate, going up in difficulty from Bronze to Platinum. Further details and resources for USACO.

Along with preparing for these contests, we also often do mock Codeforces contests as practice. Codeforces is a website in which you solve multiple programming problems online within a set time frame. We will be hosting multiple practice contests in which you can compete with everyone else in the club throughout the year.

If any of these activities sound interesting to you, you should definitely join Computing Team.

Contacts / Communication

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact anyone of us about it! We respond the fastest on Discord through either dms or the team server. Our emails are open as well!

  • Our Official Email - nvhscomputing@gmail.com
  • Daniel Li - yuxiaol7691@k12.ipsd.org
  • Anmol Shah - anmolsha3383@k12.ipsd.org
  • Dylan Subramanian - dylansub0394@k12.ipsd.org
  • Canchen Li - canchenl6294@k12.ipsd.org

Please join our Discord and Remind as well, where we post meeting reminders and other important announcements:

Club Info

Club Sponsor

Mr. Koos - joe_koos@ipsd.org

Meeting Times

Thursdays 2:30-3:30 PM

Meeting Location

Room D200 (Main Building)


Q: Do you cut people from the club?
No. We value inclusivity, although there may be a few contests that prove more challenging to beginner members (don't let that scare you from joining though!).
Q: Can I join halfway through the year?
Sure, but you might not be able to compete in some of the contests. We would also advise you to catch up on any topics you missed by browsing through our previous agendas in the Meetings tab. Please let us know if you have any difficulty with doing so.
Q: Am I good enough to join?
Yes. Having some computer science knowledge is preferred, but if you are willing to put in the effort to learn, you should join anyway. We include lots of practice in our meetings to make sure you have the knowledge necessary for the contests.